These are Cobalt Glass Bongs made up of cobalt tubes with blue and white color combination. These cobalt glass bongs are very beautifully designed with chilliums by our great and expert artists. In some bongs you will see marvels on the bowl and tube which make them unique and very beautiful. To give an outstanding look our artists give different shapes to the tube of bongs like Zig-Zag, twisted, etc. Here is rubber also in base of some GLASS BONGS which make it easy to keep them any where. These cobalt glass bongs are very handy, portable and more durable. Reversal Art Work is also done in some glass bongs on the bowl, tube and chillum. These all cobalt glass bongs are made by hand blown technology. We always use thick and best quality glass in manufacturing of these cobalt glass bongs. We provides best shipping service to our all customers any where in the world. We use latest equipments with bubble sheet in packing of these glass products. You will find every product more beautiful in real then in picture from our store. Just look at the products in Cobalt Glass Bong category these all products will add an outstanding style to your smoking, with a great smoking pleasure of your tobacco or any other smoking stuff.