We are the only manufacturer and supplier of these HOOKAHS throughout the world. The concept of these hookahs are similar to Indian traditional hookah. Here is a chamber in the bottom of all the hookahs which contains water to cool down the smoke before reach your mouthpiece. These hookahs are really so beautiful with awesome hauz. These hookahs are available in many different colors and designs. You can also enjoy different flavours of smoke like apple, strawberry, chocolate, etc. with these great hookahs. Along with tobacco you can also smoke your any type of stuff in these hookahs. As you know the cool smoke is very less harmful then the direct hot smoke. The hookah is best apartus for smoking because it affects your lungs very less cause of its chamber containing water. Here many other products also available like mini hookah, tobacco hookah, shisha, hooka, etc. These hookahs are very beautifully designed and also unique. Here you get hookahs made up of best quality pyrex glass and single or double hauzes. There are so satisfied customers of these hookahs among the world. These hookahs are too much beautiful in real then appearing in the pictures.